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Is my CPU made by INTEL or AMD?

Last week, I bought a new notebook computer, made by LENOVO, G570.

I was glad the CPU is INTEL i5 (Mobile) because I heard it was good.

However, when I open the "Window7 Troubleshooting", it told me "the architecture of your System is AMD64"! Oh, god, was I cheated by the seller?

After investigation, I found that "AMD64" does not necessarily mean that your CPU is made by AMD.

Actually, AMD is the first company which fully developed the 64-bit CPU instruction set. At that time, INTEL still sticks on its 32-bit CPU design.

After that, INTEL found that it has been surpassed by AMD, so INTEL focused much time and money on developing 64-bit CPU.

Although INTEL catches up quickly, no one can deny the truth that AMD made the first successful 64-bit CPU. Also some relative techniques and specifications for 64-bit designed by AMD become the common standard for future 64-bit CPU development. The industrial world call these basic technologies and standards as "AMD64".

So that is why I say the "architecture" of your INTEL CPU might also be "AMD64".


Both AMD and INTEL have developed a lot of CPUs from then. Also INTEL has formed its own standard, the "x86-64" series and "INTEL 64". The former has a compatibility instruction set which can work on both 32-bit CPU and 64-bit CPU. The Later is pure 64-bit CPU, but different from "Classical 64-bit CPU Design", which is called "AMD64".