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How to browse the fields of WMI Classes

We can use SQL-like language to query system-level information (including performance information) by WMI.

But the problem is that new users do not know what the definition of 'SQL Tables'. What kind of "Columns" do they have?

So it is very necessary for new users to check the content of each WMI classes.

Step 1: Run WBEMTEST.
(You can invoke it by inputting the name into Windows Start -> Run Dialog Box)

Step 2: Click the [Connection] Button, then you can see a jump-out dialog.

Step 3: In this [Connection] Dialog, change the Namespace (in the textfield) to "root\cimv2", and then click [Connect]. Then you find yourself retured back.

Step 4: Now click the [Enum Classes] button. And then choose [Recursive] Radio button with leaving the main text field blank. Then click [OK].

Step 5: Now you can see that all WMI Classes (e.g. Win32_System) are listed in the new Jump-out window. Now you can browse them using the scollbar.

Step 6: If you want to check the fields of certain class, just double-click it from the list. then you can browse its detailed information in a new window.